Trinity Family Worship Center

Helping people find Christ and become whole spiritually, physically, financially and relationally.

life groups

Eating For Life and eternity

This group takes place the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 7pm. There is a meal provided and a message will be shared everytime we meet! Please contact Carmen Ray (770-596-8218) or Kris Greenleaf (770-490-1234) with any questions you have.


Everyone is welcome! This is a video collection created by Pastor Roger. No matter if you are new to this or have been in church for decades, this “class” is for you! By applying to our lives, the principles found in the Word, we grow in so many ways! The Lord wants you to be whole in every area of life. The study is entitled Whole Life Principles. Sign up and you’ll be directed to the videos!

Facts, Myths, and legends

Facts, Myths, and Legends is a group led by Alan Couch (770-652-8225) that meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm. the class uses an open format and dialogue to discuss scriptures with others. 

the gifts of the spirit

Learn about the gifts of the Spirit and how we are able to use them in today’s society!  Pastor Chip Sconyers (404-963-3518) and Tammie Fleming (843-617-3656) will discuss these principles found in God's word, and how to apply them. They meet at 6:30pm every Wednesday.


Sisterhood is a group open to women only. They meet at various times and places throughout the months for fun, laughter, relationships and more! All ladies are welcome! Contact Taletha Barnett at 678-770-1867 or

real men

Real Men is a group open only to men that meets the 4th Wednesday of the month at TFWC at 6:30pm. This group is designed to give men a place to set aside responsibilities and have fun while building relationships and enjoying great food and teachings.  Contact Pastor Roger at 678-614-4330, Pastor Hugh at 770-286-7128, or Pastor Chip at 404-963-3518.

Highway to health

Highway to Health is a weekly running/walking group that meets at 6pm every Monday. The location of this group changes often so please contact Mike Weatherby (404-788-4897) to see where we'll be running this week.

Finding fitness

This group is for those who want to join a journey to fitness, and become whole physically. All adults in any shape, size or fitness level are welcome. This is a once a week, hour long workout at TFWC at 6:30pm on Thursdays. This group is hosted by Amanda Mileham.

Kingdom Culture

Everyone welcome! Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm in the TFWC sanctuary. Contact Jake Griffin at 770-255-9870 or Kingdom Culture is all about making disciples who reflect the King. The King is Jesus!!


Everyone welcome! Saturday mornings, 9:30am, Golden Corrall, McDonough. Contact Alan Couch at 770-652-8225 or Sports is the motivation for this group! We’ll eat and talk a lot of sports talk and build relationships.

leadership for life

Everyone welcome! Wednesdays 6:30pm, Pastor Roger’s office. Contact Pastor Roger at 678-614-4330 or One of Pastor’s greatest passions is to grow people in leadership and spiritual maturity. We have a lot to deal with from day to day and we could all benefit from learning skills to get through it and come out ahead! Let’s grow together!

we be book’n

Everyone welcome to the Book Club! Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the TFWC sanctuary. Book title is Defined by The Kendrick brothers. Contact Taletha Barnett at 678-770-1867 or Brenda Laboy at 678-558-8892. Are you ready to discover who you were created to be? Let’s read about it together!

girl talk

Ladies!  Let's get together and talk about things that matter.  Let's look up the scriptures together and find our direction from the truth of God's word!  Let's stop wishing and start moving!  Bring your kids and teens to our student ministry and spend an hour with us!  Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm in the sanctuary.  Contact Robin LaGrow at 770-231-6187 or 

Parenting 101

All parents and their children are welcome! Every 4th Saturday at 7pm - locations to be announced monthly! Pastor Hugh & Melony Smith 770-286-7128 and Brad & Tenneille Patterson 864-554-4444. Let’s talk about parenting and how to help each other juggle every day life with our children!

Straight Talk for Young Adults

At least 18 years old, college/career - all welcome! 2nd Sunday of the month at Pastor Roger’s home, 4th Sunday of the month at TFWC. 5-7pm. Straight up, honest conversation, questions asked and answered, games, fun & food! Contact Walter Buttler at 678-908-3986.